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in the nation. after los angeles. so needless to say it's been a good day for giving. it's recognized by every fill pee peeno -- filipino knows. >> it's hard. >> volunteers from the community center spent the day downtown collecting monetary donations many tourists stopped to help. including kylie rogers from canada. >> we have a lot of filipino families. it's devastating. >> reporter: other organizations like west bay filipino center asked people to bring in goods. >> all i know is that they're desperate for food. there is nothing to eat. there is no power. there is no medicine. >> reporter: another organization will pay to ship items to the areas. something that can be very expensive. >> the totality is going to be unimaginable. >> peachy was in manila and left the following morning for a planned trip to san francisco. she says she feels a little guilty not being in her country to help. >> all i can do is pray for them and try to get donations. >> reporter: churches and organizations helped several food drives for the victims of the typhoon. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> 400 nurses acro
to make all the difference for william and the family. they're heading to los angeles soon for william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> so awesome. so good. so great. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> best holiday present ever. and we'll be there to see william get that much-needed surgery in los angeles and bring you that follow up to his story. >> brilliant, cheryl, way to go. >> neat, neat story. let's check on the forecast right now. >> spencer is here. >> getting foggy outside. we've got patches of fog along the coast now. could be a problem for the commute. we expect areas of dense fog. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be sunny by afternoon. mild again, cooling down over the weekend breezy, also, friday and saturday. no rain in sight for the next seven days just a nice, dry to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coveredca.com. >>> good evening, raiders need a win sunday in houston and need terrell pryer to play well. pryer pract
barricaded himself inside of a verizon wireless store in los angeles county. it's happening the community of la crescenta north of glendale. no one else believed to be inside but l.a. county sheriff has evacuated all nearby businesses in the strip mall. all of this started around 4:00 this afternoon. >> break news involving a twist in the bait battle between bart and unions. we broke on twitter we've learned unions about to sue bart for voting to approve the contract without a disputed clause. we are live at the daily city bart station. >> reporter: there is a high powered attorney brought ton owe and handle the suit. they have support of the central labor council on this move. it's not about getting the clause put back in, it's about protecting collective bargain proing -- process going forward. >> a lawsuit is not the way to resolve this. no one wins but lawyers >> reporter: after months of negotiations and two worker deaths on the tracks, it appeared bart and unioned union. section 4.8 giving up to six weeks paid family leave. bart voted in november to prove the $67 million deal only
cars in los angeles. it happened wednesday night in northridge. someone breck into a garage and made off with several vehicles, including this 1972 black dodge charger owned by kenny wayne shepard, the garage and shepard really want that one in particular back. >> i don't know what you'd do with that car other than part it out. it's a one-off. there aren't anymore like it. it's really a distinctive car. we really want it back. >> two of the stolen cars, a bmw and a van, have been found, but there's still no sign of the charger. >>> ac transit riders who take the bus between east bay and san francisco will get to do so on new buses. the first of these new 40-foot transbay commuter buses went interest service last week. all of them have high-back seats, wi-fi, overhead luggage racks and reading lights. the buses are made right here in the bay area. in hayward. >> up next at 6:00, how the niners honored vets today at candlestick park. >>> a look at the changes we could see to the weather this week. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> special teams and defense gave the raider
politician who >>> fbi agents back at the home of the suspected los angeles airport shooter today they escorted out two men who then drove away on their own. authorities say the suspect, paul ciancia asked for a ride to the airport. his parents received alarming text messages from him. police arrived at ciancia's l.a. apartment 45 minutes after he left the for the airport. four people were shot including four tsa officers, one died. an officer shot twice in the foot talked publicly for the first time.. >> i was injured helping an elder man trying to get to a safe area. i turned around and there was a gunman and shot me, twice. >> ciancia has been charged with murder of a federal officer and committing violence at an airport he remains hospitalized in critical condition. we're told his unresponsive. >> part two of an exclusive abc7 interview, the sex and drugs scandal that ruined the life of a politician. >> nadia locker is out of rehab. >> reporter: the interview lasted two hours, she sees this as a step talking about all that happened to her so she can move forward. i met nadia
options for saving money. >>> a man with plenty to give thanks for this year. you >>> a los angeles neighborhood is on lone downing. it happened in inglewood an officer was hit in the chest but escaped major injury. s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded the house the gunman barricaded him sxefl a woman the man called police several times, officers first went to the residents after the report of a man hitting a teen-aged girl. >>> a veteran police officer has been charged with six felonies for writing bogus tickets the officer was released on $60,000 bail. according to prosecutors he issued fake tickets to two people who were involved in a lawsuit against him five years ago. now, we'll show you the photo this, man has been arrested overnight for trying to rent a car with a phony id and another person's credit card. he's 31-year-old james gracy. he was wanted for burglary and id theft. they've identified six additional victims >> four and a half months after deadly crash of asiana flight 214 a couple from china now returned home. >> they were among 180 people injured at sfo back in july. >>
the second largest filipino community in the nation after los angeles. of course, most have family in the philippines. experts predict the storm will cause catastrophic damage to several remote areas. casualties are expected. residents here in the bay area are concerned about their loved ones who are directly in the poth of this powerful storm. >> my brother and sister are still there. so their houses is not -- not -- not strong enough to handle this. >> the government has been readying for it, preparing for it with shelters and food distribution. >> if you'd lake it help those affected by the typhoon, you'll find links to two local organizations accepting donations on our website. just go to abc7news.com, and look under "see it on tv." >>> a husband and wife are seriously injured tonight after their house exploded in southern new jersey. utterly destroyed. neighbors rushed to pull the couple from the wreckage. the victims were retired and in their 60s. they were flown it the hospital with burns while crews took on the flames. still unknown what caused the explosion. but officials
, high temperatures in 70s from chico to fresno. 80s in los angeles. 70 monterey. here in the bay area another mild day. high temperatures into upper 60s and low to mid-70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s inland here is the accu-weather forecast. two more mild days coming our way. cooling down friday. cooling down over the weekend. clouds thicken saturday there is a chance of rain. not heavy rain, but rain monday, which is veteran's day. happy veteran's day. >> thank you. >> big news about 49ers. >> yes. getting back to full >> yes. getting back to full strength, cave we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. hose who've been denied ewelcome to cover
:00 fourth ranked stanford versus usc in los angeles we'll have highlights about 8:30 on lexus after the game. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. usc is playing well now. >> yes. >> they're coming on strong. i know. >> it's heard. >> yes. good reason for concern. they'll be all right. >> yes. >> stanford will. >> yes. >> make that clear. >> yes. >> join me tonight at 9:00, new help for people having problems with obamacare. the bay area programmers have created a tool to help you deal with that troubled web site. >> then tonight at 11:00 your salary isn't much of a secret anymore whochlt knows how much money you make, and who they're telling. >> and then, a look at prime time line up for you. last man standing, i the neighbors, shark tank and 2020 featuring an investigation of a couple dubbed landlords from hell. >> finally here tonight words about what matters what a big day for miles scott the 5-year-old battling leukemia. san francisco his city today, ruling streets as a super hero the bat kid saved a damsel in distress, rescued lucille at at and t park and make a wish
, abc7 news. >> the president just arrived in los angeles. here is air force one taking off this afternoon from san francisco international airport. after a six-hour stay in san francisco. he urged supporters to stick with him despite lowest approval ratings of his presidency we have team coverage tonight. vic lee and carolyn tyler. vic, tell us about the man who int interinterruptinte interinterruptinte interrupted the president's speech today. >> reporter: this is a day when betty ng's family members met the president but also a day when a young undocumented student made his point to the president of the united states. betty ng's niece sang the national anthem she told us she was nervous but had an angel.. >> i thought of my aunt betty. that helped me hold it together. >> the speech focused on immigration, importance of a reform package. a heckler interrupted the speech. >> i need your help. >> that is what we're talking about here. that is why we're here. >> reporter: mr. obama shot back with a electric you're on democracy. >> so easy way out is yell and pretend i can d
. los angeles 73 degrees and partly cloudy skies. low to upper 60s, accu-weather forecast, thanksgiving is dry. black friday is dry. of course we need rain but will take it later, tuesday, a chance of rain is coming up. >> thank you very much. >> and to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at coveredca.com. >>> coming up, monday night football, 49ers today activated michael crabtree. it's been side lined since tearing his akeelis tendon in bay m-- may. he could be a big boost that-to-that niner offense now back to vernon's view. every week we have special access to niners tight end after each game for his insights. mike shumann talked with vernon about the next two games against nfc west rivals. >> whenever you're playing within the division, you want to make sure you feel those games. it's important. you know, especially later on. you know? we have to, you're talking about playoffs and you want to make sure that you have that kind of leverage going into the playoffs. >> that de
in los angeles another mild day coming our way here in the bay area. high temperatures mid-60s on the coast, upper 60s to around 70s near the bay. low to mid-70s inland and a big game tomorrow night at stanford. the cardinals take on oregon ducks. those are fast ducks from oregon. carolyn chuckles. game time is 6:00. will be mild about 59 degrees at the start of the game. sun sets at 5:05 and cooler as the game goes on. accu-weather forecast mild weather throughout the weekend clouding up hon with a chance of rain late monday into early tuesday. monday is veteran's day. >> that is right >> thank you >> new information about a scandal involving miami dolphins. >> surprising very so-to-say. more fallout including former stanford player jonathan martin. shocking comments from the i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kai
night then live reaction from los angeles on after the game. major league baseball using expanded instant replay starting next season. they're going to go with nfl-style war room in new york. so ultimate decisions will be made by umpires watching all videos. back east, and then, they'll relay the decisions to men in blue working the game on the field for what is covered well, balls and strikes will not be reviewed but lake mrais like this will be. you've got a home run in dispute. managers get two challenges per game. miguel cabrerra hit 348, 44 homers. 137 rbis. he's a hitting machine once again fishishing ahead of mike shroud. pirates outfielder andrew mccutchen garnered 28 of the first-place votes. machine cutchen at 317, 21 homers and led the way. one of the most-popular drivers on indy car circuit calling it quits this, is y three-time winner daro frankini says doctors told him he cannot race because of injuries suffered in this crash last month. the 40-year-old fractured his spine, broke his right ankle and suffered a concussion had that crash. abc7 sports brought to you by
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